Mission Center

The Mission Center supports the work of our sisters throughout the world.

Incoming donations are sent from here directly to the respective countries.

Mission Exposition: “Schoenstatt throughout the World”

Exhibits from all continents give you a sense of the wealth and originality of the various cultures.

Photos, diagrams, and texts give you an overview of the new Christian life that surges forth throughout the world from the Schoenstatt Shrines, familiarize you with the Pilgrim Mother Campaign as a modern form of the new evangelization, and present our community’s concrete fields of work and social projects.


Sister Mariana Hermann
Berg Schoenstatt 6
56179 Vallendar

Phone: 0261-6404-311
Email: sr.mariana@s-ms.org

Individual projects


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – this is such a profound prayer and if truly lived, one can experience immense peace. We often circulate the ‘Serenity Prayer’ with our food hampers. Food deliveries […]

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La Nazarena – 2022, Florencio Varela, Argentinien

  A Center for General Development Nazareth is a center for general development. It was founded in 2018 by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary to better meet the educational, health, and employment needs of families in Florencio Varela/Province of Buenos Aires.   We are currently working with more than 40 families and about 300 children and […]

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A report by Amalia Tornini, Member of the Board of Directors “Casa de María”, El Peñon, Chile Those who thought that this terrible pandemic was about to peak and that the contagion was decreasing were wrong. There are still strict traveling restrictions for most of the metropolitan areas in our city of Santiago and other […]

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SOS from the Philippines, Sr. M. Thomasine Treese

A week before Christmas, Super Typhoon Rai swept across the southern part of the Philippines, leaving chaos in its wake: impassable roads, extensive damage to homes and the livelihood of people who were without electricity, water, telecommunication, etc. for weeks and now have to start all over again after losing their homes and belongings. Our […]

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The Medical Center in Mutumba, Burundi, Sister M. Lisette Seitzer

The medical center of the Mutumba mission station with its hospital, outpatient clinic and maternity ward is the first one for the people of this region and often the only place for them to recieve medical care and advice. Last year 14,423 patients were treated here by the nurses in the outpatient clinic and 2,253 […]

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A Second Home for the Children, El Peñon, Santiago, Chile

The six-year-old Amaro is still attending pre-school. He suffers from controlled epilepsy. His mother Elizabeth, 29 years old, is illiterate and was abandoned by her own mother already as a small child. She doesn’t know how to educate her undisciplined child. Both of them find help at “Casa de María.” This social center with a […]

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Vocational Training for Women, Tenares/Dominikanische Republik

At the Milagros Cruz Continuing Education School in Tenares, our sisters offer classes for mothers and young women with limited economic resources who want to learn a profession. This gives them a chance to use their respective talents to support their families. At the same time, they grow into the productive labor market and can […]

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The “Sunny Corner” in Corona Times, Sr. M. Mathilde Mang

The “Sunny Corner” children’s center is located in a poor district of Camobi, a suburb of Santa Maria/Brazil. About 1,000 families live here in extremely poor conditions. Most of the adults are unemployed. Their huts are located in the swamp area, and when it rains heavily, they are flooded. There is a lack of everything […]

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A Ray of Sunshine that Brightens the Lives of Children

The “Sunbeam” Educational Center for Preschool Children opened in 1998 in Atibaia, São Paulo State, Brazil, and is one of the areas of work of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. It is run by them through a contract with the city council. However, the existence of the pre-school education center would be impossible without the […]

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“Sunshine Corner” Children’s Center, Santa Maria, Brazil

In 2008 the “Recanto do Sol” – “Sunshine Corner” – Children’s Center was dedicated in Camobi, a district of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. The “Sunshine Corner” is a place where children ages 6-12 are cared for outside of school hours. The children live in the poor bordering neighborhoods and often come from difficult […]

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So that Children will have a Future, Cebu, Philippines

With the help of donations, the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Cebu enable children from poor conditions to have an education. Only with this foundation do they have the chance to get a job later on. This is not easy, also in the Philippines! Even though attendance at public schools is free, many families still […]

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“Corrugated Metal Roof” Project, Burundi

One of our concrete projects in Burundi consists in literally giving people a roof over their heads. Time and again there are homeless families before us: Returning refugees need a new home; others have lost their homes through storms. In Burundi the houses in the country that are made from clay tiles are still often […]

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“Child Jesus” Nutrition Center, La Victoria, Dominican Republic

Our nutrition center in La Victoria is attended daily by 90-100 children from a few weeks old to five years. All of them suffer from the effects of malnutrition. We provide breakfast and lunch as well as medical help for them. Aline Z., a young woman from Germany who spent some time in the Dominican […]

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Health Center Mutumba/Burundi

The health center of the Mutumba mission station with its hospital, outpatient clinic and maternity ward is the first and often only contact point for medical care and advice for the people of the region. The buildings were constructed decades ago with very simple means. The maternity ward could already be renovated a few years […]

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Help for children in Confins / Belo Horizonte

Daycare “Seed of Life” The “Seed of Life” daycare center in Confins, a suburb of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, is one of the facilities of our community in Brazil that supports low-income families. It was opened in 2003 to meet a need of the city which today has approx. 6,478 inhabitants […]

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Care for the Young – Care for the Future

Nearly half of Burundi’s population (46%) is under 15 years old. The frequent and bloody conflicts that have kept the country in suspense for a long time make traumatic experiences part of everyday life for many children and young people. An estimated 650,000 children have lost their parents and become orphans during civil wars or […]

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Help for the Homeless in Kaliningrad

We have been battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Kaliningrad for a long time. Since March 2020 we have had a different order in our parish and Caritas center for the support and care for our visitors. For security reasons we unfortunately had to close our ambulance. Only the soup kitchen initially remained in operation. Help […]

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