“Majestic, endless Love, I am your own. My heart has stilled its every wish but one alone, that I may be close to you eternally.” (Joseph Kentenich)

Ever since its founding, a strong movement of adoration has been alive in our institute. On Christmas Eve of 1929, upon the wish of many sisters, Father Kentenich opened the tabernacle of the Original Shrine for perpetual adoration. Since then Eucharistic adoration has been held day and night in our institute.

In 1934 a circle of adoration sisters was formed. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours in common set their daily rhythm. In 1975 they moved into their own house on Mount Schoenstatt, next to the Church of the Blessed Trinity. In addition to Germany, there are also smaller adoration communities in Poland, Chile, and Brazil. Father Kentenich saw in them the power of love of the whole Schoenstatt Work: Through their prayer and sacrifice, the apostolic activity of the institute, the Schoenstatt Movement, and the Church is made fruitful.

The adoration sisters receive prayer intentions from all over the world, which they then take into their prayer times. Through extensive correspondence, they are connected with many people who trust in their prayers.

Over the years, the Schoenstatt Prayer Community was formed – a circle of persons outside the institute who join the adoration sisters in praying for all the intentions entrusted to them.

You are welcome to entrust your intentions to the prayers of our Adoration Sisters.