“The book of our life is a book of God’s love.” (J. Kentenich)

God has a plan of love for each of us. Every life’s story is unique and irreplaceable – a story of love. This includes the story of our life’s vocation.

God has called me personally. Each one of the more than 1,800 Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary around the globe can testify to this.

“When God calls, he says: ‘You are important to me, I love you, I count on you.’ Jesus says this to every single one of us, and it becomes a cause of joy – the joy of that moment when Jesus looked at me with love. To understand this and to sense it is the secret of joy. We know that we are loved by God because we are not mere numbers for him, but persons – because it is certain that it is HE who calls us.” (Pope Francis)


A call intended for me – a commission meant for me – the life’s decision I make. God’s call doesn’t come (or seldom comes) as lightning from heaven. A vocation is like love itself calling: It often first makes itself barely noticeable. It grows – and growth needs time. If God has something special in mind for me, he prepares me for it.

How is he guiding me? Where does he want to have me?

How can I recognize and understand God’s plan for my life?

Helpful hints to discover your vocation:

  • Ask Mary: She helps me to believe that God has something great in mind for me.

“The Almighty has done great things for me!” (Luke 1:49)

  • Take time to look into my own life: How has God led me up until now? Which events and experiences have especially influenced me? Is there a “red thread” in my life?

“The great art of our life consists in reading our plan from the plan of God.” (J. Kentenich)

  • Look within myself: What are the basic features of my personality? What do I long for and what is my fundamental attitude? How do I imagine myself in the future?
  • Pray to be able to recognize God’s plan for me. What God has planned for me will become my life’s happiness.

“The ultimate meaning of our life is, after all, to learn to love.”  (J. Kentenich)

  • Persevere: It takes time to understand God’s will for my life. But also have the courage to “jump” – don’t just put off the decision.
  • Talk my questions over with someone I trust and who is able to help me.

Concrete steps in the search for the religious community that “fits” to me:

  • Maybe I am spontaneously interested in a particular community …
  • I can make contact and meet with someone from the community.
  • In many cases there are opportunities to spend a few days with the community. This gives us a first impression. Many communities also offer vocational discernment retreats or silent days of reflection.

What is a vocational discernment retreat?

From time to time young women are invited to think about their future way in life. You can spend two or more days at a shrine, at a provincial house, or at a central house. Talks, workshops, discussions, and silence for praying and reflecting help you to discover the vision God has of your life. By pondering your own personality, your longings, and your life’s situation, it can become clearer what God has created you for.

Attending a vocational discernment retreat does not mean directly entering the community of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. Rather, it is meant to help guide you toward a personal decision, to set you on your way to discover your actual vocation.

Vocational discernment retreats take place in the individual provinces and countries (see Events).