SOS from the Philippines

Sr. M. Thomasine Treese

A week before Christmas,

Super Typhoon Rai swept across the southern part of the Philippines, leaving chaos in its wake: impassable roads, extensive damage to homes and the livelihood of people who were without electricity, water, telecommunication, etc. for weeks and now have to start all over again after losing their homes and belongings.

Our Schoenstatt Center is located in this very part of the Philippines and has suffered multiple damages as well as the property of so many people our sisters are in contact with.

The natural environment at our Schoenstatt Center has been devastated. The flash floods have penetrated roofs and windows and left their damage in and outside the buildings.

In the days of the worst need, the sisters were able to get water from somewhere and help alleviate some of the hardships.

Die Aufbauarbeiten werden nur langsam vonstattengehen, weil es an allem fehlt: an Elektrizität, Arbeitsmitteln für die vielen Baustellen, finanziellen Mitteln. Nicht zuletzt gibt es große Hindernisse wegen der fortdauernden Einschränkungen durch die Pandemie.

The people need courage for a new beginning, looking forward and upward to God who holds all life in his hands and does not abandon his people.

We believe in the power of our Covenant of Love with God and the Blessed Mother,
who will do for us what we cannot do in the meaning of our motto:

Nothing without You – Nothing without us!


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