March 1, 2024


MJF; M. Anastasia Brand, M. Florence Harder; Theresia Strunk


The Easter person

is a person of inner joy.

It is joy that God loves us. J.K.



A young father said the following about his daughter: “I love her so dearly. Of course I know that it would not be good, but I would love to protect her from all the dangers of this world!”

Profound love.

The experience that there is someone who gives all fo rme.

At Easter this becomes concrete. Not even God can keep the hard things away from his children.

His way: He accompanies us

and in this way shows that there is a way through suffering, darkness and night.

Love is stronger.

“Even when I don’t see it and don’t feel it, you are at work.” it says in a song of praise (Sinach, Way Maker).

This applies to Gethsemane.
Under the Cross.
And it is proven true with the shout of joy on Easter morning.

Yes! “You are a trailblazer, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness!”

You, God, because you love us.

Fotos: Carolin Poppe, Schönstatt