February 1, 2024


MJF; M. Anastasia Brand, M. Florence Harder; Theresia Strunk


If we want to educate ourselves in a healthy manner

and become physically resilient,

we must try to process undigested impressions. J.K.




As we know, rubble and debris are not only found in nature, but sometimes also in us. Yes, so much can settle in the soul if it is not processed: Harsh words. Devastating criticism. The experience of being rejected. A failure.

And then? Don’t just stop there!
Who sees me as great? Where have I experienced love? What have I achieved recently?

It is an art of its own to recall these experiences to heart again and again. To dwell on them inwardly.

To “bathe in love” extensively when necessary
and thus counter the difficult with a good experience.

Lifting your own love into the light – this does not mean making “dark spots” disappear, but “outshining” them. This is also spring cleaning – and good training for more resilience!


Fotos: Pixabay; Monika Strunk, Schönstatt