January 1, 2024

Measuring Up

MJF; M. Anastasia Brand, M. Florence Harder; Theresia Strunk


Gratitude is always a sign

of a noble person J. K.

Measuring Up

Where do I stand? How do I want to proceed? Obvious questions at the beginning of a new year.

When  satisfaction does not dominate the answers to these questions but the pain of “not yet achieved,” the heart feels downcast.

A woman who regularly gives her time to other people always says thank you at the end of such encounters. There is actually no reason for this: she is the one who deserves thanks. And she certainly knows that.

Her gratitude defies any logic of performance and all logic of reward,

honors the other person, and shows that she is open to what comes her way. Not taking the seemingly self-evident for granted, learning to look beyond yourself and the moment – perhaps such attitudes would also help in dealing with the “not yets” of life, and make a person receptive to the joys of the moment …

Fotos: Pixabay; Theresia Strunk, Schönstatt