December 24, 2023

God in Diapers!

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

“What is the image of God that shines forth from the manger?  

God in diapers!

God is unveiled as the God of an inconceivably divine and merciful love, as the God of an inconceivably divine and condescending love, and of an inconceivably wise,    divine love.

The love that the God-man shows us here – God in diapers – is extremely condescending love. It is not just that he took on a human nature, i.e. that he left the glory of heaven and became human. Et Verbum caro factum est! He assumed a human nature that was capable of suffering. He wanted to be able to suffer, he wanted to be allowed to suffer. He took on an extremely helpless human nature, the nature of a child. And we know that it wasn’t long before he even took on the form of bread. Et exinanivit semetipsum. This is why we hear the Apostle Paul confess in summary that the God-man has, as it were, humbled himself, humbled himself to the utmost. (Phil 2,7) A condescending love. With his human nature, a nature capable of suffering, a helpless nature, he experienced all the situations that human nature can and must somehow experience until the end of time. Behind this is a great law: whatever was not accepted by the human nature of the God-man, whatever was not accepted, would not have been redeemed. And what is an effect of this extreme humiliation, an effect of this extreme condescension?

God in diapers – later, God on the cross.”

Father Joseph Kentenich: Sermon on Christmas Eve, December 25, 1963



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