July 1, 2023

Accept My Yes!” – 06

The Candidates of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
Schönstatt, G












My name is Estrella. I am from Paraguay and I am 24 years old.

I studied engineering and I belonged to the Schoenstatt youth. I began to think about my vocation during my final year of school. It was as if I was setting out to look for God’s traces in my life and then I had to follow them.

I had the question in my heart:

One thing is my plans, but what is God’s plan of love for me?

What does he want to give the world through me? I prayed to the Blessed Mother for help and so she and I began to walk this path together. At every step, our dear God and the Blessed Mother gave and continue to give me graces. Yes, the very graces I need at the right moment. They always take care to equip us with what we need.

After some time, I realized that in order to move forward with firmer steps, I needed to speak to someone who could help me, and so I spoke to a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary. That was very important for me. I have also started to write down the moments when I perceived God’s guidance in my life, from my childhood on. I went through my own life and let the experiences, people, and places that have shaped me pass through my heart once again.

With the help of the Blessed Mother, I discovered God’s many greetings in my life, in the small and simple things of my daily life.

And so it became a reality for me that God has a unique plan of love.

Our Lady taught me to trust and to let myself be guided by God who is Father…. I no longer have to plan everything, but simply let myself be loved in order to learn to love and to give my yes. To say yes when I no longer see everything clearly, also, when I don’t always understand everything, and, likewise, when I don’t know what is coming. To unite my yes to the yes of the Blessed Mother,

a free yes, with joy, and full of gratitude.

Searching for one’s vocation, God moves the heart very often and not only with questions, but he also wakens the longing for self-surrender. The opportunity to serve was very important for me during this time, because it helped me to discover the trace of God’s love not only in me but also in others.

Father Joseph Kentenich shows me the way and makes me a bearer of a mission, a promise: that

my life can become a small testimony to the merciful love of God.

Therefore, I want to dedicate my life to God and the Blessed Mother through Schoenstatt in the community of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary.

Let’s dare to ask God as children what he has planned for us from eternity, and let us ask him for the grace to have an attentive heart that seeks him in everything and everyone, and let us ask him for

the courage to respond to his love.