August 22, 2022

The Feast of the Queenship of Mary

Sr. Adriane Maria Andrade Barbosa

“She will take care in a perfect way,

and ultimately

we will be able to say:

She was victorious!

 Fr. Joseph Kentenich, 20.10.1951


The Feast of the Queenship of Mary brings peace and joy to our hearts. We have a Mother in heaven who is queen and intercedes for us with the Holy Triune God. “The Blessed Virgin Mary is not a distant Queen […] She is a Mother who suffers because she truly takes to heart the problems of our lives.” [2]

Uncertainties and problems accompany human existence. There are times in which these become acute. To face the present crises and upheavals, we need childlike and courageous trust and the covenant of love with the Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt. That is the means that our founder Father Joseph Kentenich witnessed to. With him and the popes of the past centuries we have learned to crown the Mother of God in times of difficulty, in the certainty that she, the victress in God’s battles, will conquer evil! How often the Blessed Virgin Mary has proven herself victorious after she was crowned! “Never was hope placed in the Mother of the divine King Jesus Christ dashed.” [3]

Trusting the queenly power of the Blessed Mother, Father Kentenich remained peaceful, especially in times of great uncertainty. He once said, “Everything will turn out well. The Mother of God will resolve everything. I don’t know how. I have no idea. I don’t know when […]. I place myself completely in her hands.”[1] As he confessed, his trust was based on the covenant of love, “With this I am telling you the great secret of my childlike trust and sovereign calm: I have sealed the covenant of love.”[5]

Precisely now, let us as children turn to our Queen and Mother and give her the crown of our trust; we give ourselves to her as her living crown.

“She will take care in a perfect way,
and ultimately we will be able to say:
She was victorious!” (J. Kentenich)

(J. Kentenich) [1]

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