August 15, 2022

Assumption of Mary

Sr. M. Glynis Kirchhoffer, Südafrika


 15 August 2022

Through Mary’s Assumption into heaven, solemnly proclaimed as a dogma by Pope Pius XII in 1950, God has given us the greatest SIGN OF HOPE humanity could ever imagine. In Mary we see what it means to be genuinely human; totally at home in God, at home in God’s wish and will, at home in ourselves and in those around us.

In today’s world where human beings are often treated as replaceable parts of a machine and cast aside when they are no longer useful, Mary’s life shows us the value of every individual person called to be a covenant partner of God.

Her Assumption into heaven body and soul, was pure gift, but also one that was ‘earned’ through her perfect cooperation with God’s plan. No sin or imperfection had ever taken hold of her life.

The poet, Dante, called her: “Our nature’s solitary boast”.

Father Joseph Kentenich tells us that while she lives in eternal bliss and glory, Mary’s heaven is to be among her children here on earth. She teaches us how to love one another as she leads us to Jesus and, through Him, to our heavenly Father.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary assumed into heaven intercede for us and our world that we may  show reverence and respect to every human being created in the image and likeness of God.

MARY –  Remaining on this earth, you longed to be with Jesus … pray for us.

MARY –  Your death was rapture, fruit of Love’s pure longing … pray for us.

MARY –   You, earth’s most noble blossom, have reached your full flowering … pray for us.

MARY –   Perfect fruit of Christ’s redemptive love … pray for us.

MARY –   Totally united with Christ in an everlasting bond of love … pray for us.

MARY –   Garden of delight in whom the Trinity is perfectly at home … pray for us.

MARY –   Inscribed into the heart of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit … pray for us.

MARY –  Masterpiece of the all-holy God … pray for us as you draw us home to the Father.

MARY   Mother of God, Mother of our Redeemer, our Mothe … pray for us.

MARY –   Blessed Virgin Mary assumed into heaven, grant victory over all evil powers and pray for us and the whole world.  Amen.

Fireworks for the Mother of God    –    „Rhine in Flames“, Koblenz 2022

Video: Schw. Johanna-Maria Helmich