December 16, 2021

“Ask the Animals …“ – 10

Sr. M. Monika März

Spitz, Keep Guard!



“How does this navigation system, this GPS, work?” my co-sister wanted to know. Fascinating! If someone doesn‘t have a sense of direction: No problem! Reliably and safely the GPS guides me to my destination.

Our human soul also has such a navigation system built into it—not as a chip—but rather as the voice of God in me:

our conscience.

It provides direction; it tells me whether my behavior is good or whether I should change course.

Father Kentenich compared this inner voice in me to a canine, to “Spitz”.

He explained:

“My conscience is a canine watchdog, Spitz. Vigilant. So what does Spitz do? He doesn’t allow anything: no enemies, no theives. Admittedly, we have to count on it that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we ourselves will kill Spitz because he has become a nuisance to us … We should not think that eventually we can kill this Spitz! It will quickly come back to life again … 

What about the conscience? Do we hear the voice of God within us, that asks something of us? Do we say yes to it, or do we ignore it?” (Aus dem Glauben leben, Volume 16, p. 131)

These questions concern me:

  • Do I perceive God’s voice within me, or does it not exist?

  • Do I trust this voice?

  • Do I say yes to God’s wishes or do I go my own way?