November 10, 2021

“Ask the Animals …“ – 07

Sr. M. Monika März

The Eyes of a Fly

There are many kinds of flies and they can be great pests in the summer.*  But their agility never ceases to astound me! It is extremely difficult to catch them.

In his talks, Father Kentenich often referred to the organ of vision of flies. For example:

“The eyes of flies are—if you observe—relatively large eyes, bulgy eyes! But one can’t see far with those eyes, only close up, only the things in closest proximity.” (1.4.1966)

Then he states that we human beings have a much better natural organ of vision [than flies], but in terms of our “inner organ of vision” we are comparable to flies.

“[With our] eyes of a fly we get stuck in that which is in closest proximity to us, in the exterior appearance of things, and we cannot see beyond.”

 “We no longer have the ability to see through things and become aware of God behind all things and behind all experiences and events… Our spirit then has the eyes of a fly, but not the eyes of an angel or the eyes of God!”  

“But that is just what we so desperately need in our world today: We need the eyes of God once more, so that in every circumstance of our life our heart can pray, speak, and sing: God is a Father, God is good; everyting he does is good.” (see Aus dem Glauben Leben-6, p. 78)

Seeing through things – how does this work?

  • I see a rainbow and I thank God for his “greeting from above.”
  • I encounter a friend and I immediately see that a problem is burdening him or her.
  • I get angry with someone and suddenly I think: But that person is created by God, too!
  • I experience a disappointment and I begin to realize: God is behind this, he allowed it!

Because it is not easy to see into the depths—to see beyond—to see through things, in Schoenstatt we have a “good recipe” for this: At least once a day we dedicate our eyes to our companion who accompanies us through life, our Blessed Mother Mary.

In a well-known prayer, we pray:

   “I consecrate to you this day, my eyes, my ears, my mouth…”

For me, with all the short-sidedness of my “eyes of a fly,” this is the solution. It opens my field of vision ever so often for “what is behind this” and allows me to experience that God means well with me.

* In summer in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the entire year.