September 15, 2021

Reflection of the Divine

Sr. Maria Jaci Morais

Reflection of the Divine – Sign of Eternity

“Where heaven has touched earth and a saint has crossed the threshold to eternity, the eternal and the earthly are continuously in contact.” (Father Alex Menningen, 1969).


God is omnipresent, he gives signs of his infinite love and power in every small and great thing that comes our way. The light of the sun, the flowers, the seasons of the year, the people whom we love are all signs of his divine love and his personal care for us. We can discover signs of eternity in everything. But God certainly reveals himself in a unique way in specific places and through people who are his willing instruments.

With his entire being and his fatherly charism Father Joseph Kentenich is an insturment through whom God has concretized his plans. Through Father Kentenich he gave us the shrine and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s effective presence as our mother and educator.

Reflection of God the Father’s love

Many people who met Father Kentenich felt a divine atmosphere and experienced a reflection of God the Father’s love. How can someone reflect the divine so transparently? His profound love for God and his total surrender to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the covenant of love allowed Father Kentenich to convey signs of eternity though his being.

On September 15, 1968, after Holy Mass, Father Kentenich return to his eternal home. In his love, God chose this moment in time and this holy place, a true sign of eternity uniting heaven and earth in a final encounter between God and his faithful instrument.

Open door for an encounter with God

Thus Father Kentenich remains an open door for an encounter with God. The Eternal Father wants Father Kentenich’s mission to continue in eternity. God wants to continue revealing signs of eternity through him. The testimony of Father Kentenich‘s life is a light for all people who are searching for the way home to the the Father, an image of the divine, a sign of eternity, an instrument who was chosen to lead the children of God to God the Father.

Father Kentenich, an instrument, eternity, mirror of the divine.