August 15, 2021

for everyday life … 20

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“If I like someone, if I really like that person,
I believe in the good of that person and in their mission,
even if I experience the opposite time and time again.
(I give them) the benefit of the doubt.”

Fr. Joseph Kentenich,


Tucked in every human being is a saint and a criminal. That needs to be said quite soberly. However, Father Kentenich’s pedagogy always begins with optimism that is realistic. Through contact with countless people he experienced: those who see the good in themselves and in others and believe in it, awaken the good (in themselves and others).Those who only look at the negative awaken the negative. The negative is there. We have to count on it. The negative is only overcome through the good.

Goodness overcomes and transforms.



What good characteristics do I possess?

What do others like about me?

What does the good look like that I would like to possess?