July 15, 2021

for everyday life … 19

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“We feel our soul strengthened …

We feel our soul strengthened when we look up to God, even while we are working,
and we simply offer him the sacrifices connected with the work our day.
Doing this puts us on the way to everyday sanctity.”

Fr. Joseph Kentenich
in Aschaffenburg, November 28, 1937


Goodbye popular Christianity.

The time has passed when “folks” went to church and when faith was at least rooted in the traditions of the people. We are in a new time, a time in which people make the decision to be a Christian.

A clear decision must be made to be a Christian. Ultimately this decision is for the living God who revealed his name to us: “I am who am!”

He is present in the hectic of everyday life. He is present in crucial tests. He is present in my relationships. He present in my soul. He is present in everything that I do. He is there for me.



Do I believe that God is PRESENT?

Do I speak with God again and again during the day,

just the way that I am?“