July 2, 2021

“Corpus Christi and a New Playground”

Sister M. Gisela Noky and Sister M. Angele Dubau
Kaliningrad, Russland

We are very happy

to tell you about two experiences during the pandemic that we recently had in Kaliningrad, Russia.

On Sunday, June 6, 2021, we celebrated Beitrag ansehenthe Feast of Corpus Christi and used this opportunity to invite our community to a parish festival. During the difficult time of Covid, many of us were ill. Some still are. Everyone was longing to get together in a reunion and to see each other at a common event.

We wanted to use this opportunity to dedicate a new playground

The playground has a long history. Already a few years ago we received donations for this project. Unfortunately, we had a company that took our money but produced nothing. It is an adventurous story and in the end we did receive something. We did find a company that really helped us. The detour paid off. We are truly happy now with our nice playground and thank everyone who helped and supported us. Our young families are happy and grateful.

Everything was decorated for the parish festival

Helpers came and the our meadow was transformed into a cozy gathering place. As is apparent on the photos, the Feast of Corpus Christi, with its decorated altars, contributed even more to the festivity.

This was like a new beginning in parish life after the long pandemic. Rejoice with us!

Love from us sisters and the whole community!