June 14, 2021

for everyday life … 18

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“I cannot see into the distant future, but God has drawn a (great) plan for the world and even a small plan for every life.  Day after day he guides the life of individuals and of communities. We simply need to do one thing: to love God wholeheartedly.”

Joseph Kentenich
in Aschaffenburg, November 11.1937


A woman whose child was born disabled compared her situation with a trip planned to Italy. One looks forward to Italy and has precise ideas about how one can relax there. But then, how great is the surprise when one steps out of the airplane and discovers: I landed in Holland! I don’t want to be here! But once you become acquainted with Holland, you learn how unimaginably many beautiful things there are to be discovered and experienced. Those who trust in God; those who entrust their life to him will often arrive in “Holland.” And that is just fine.



When are the times I wrestle with doubt

about God’s love and care?

Do I trust God to make everything in my life turn out for the best?