May 15, 2021

for everyday life … 17

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein


“A child of the MTA will not be lost.

The child might swing to and fro from time to time but it cannot get lost.”

Father Joseph Kentenich in Aschaffenburg, November 28, 1937


A child is sitting on a swing pumping hard, pushing the swing back and forth, faster and faster.

The wind blows in the child’s face. Everything becomes a blur. The horizon disappears and everything is moving. This description can make a person dizzy.

But children love to swing. They love to go high and to swing back and forth. They feel safe.

As children of the Blessed Mother we are given this inner attitude of security and serenity in the ups and downs of life. When a person allies their self with the Blessed Mother, the person does not fall but is carried.



Where am I being “swung” at the moment?

What worries do I place into the hands of the Blessed Mother?

Do I trust with rocklike security in the closeness and care of the Blessed Mother?