April 30, 2021

Queen of May, My Mother and Queen!

Schw. M. Nelly Mendes

“Everything that belongs to me is yours…

But you, o Mother, know how weak I am…so, Mother, help me…Do with me as you will! Only let me love you, honor you, and grow in love for you; let me love you without measure or end.” (Joseph Engling-May 1, 1916)

With this prayer by Joseph Engling, we begin the month of May so treasured by us. The month of May reminds us ever anew of the “May blossoms” of Joseph Engling which were an expression of his love for the Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt.

May blossoms of love for the Blessed Mother

In that May of 1916, he gathered all his love, his gratitude, his prayers, his freely given sacrifices into a “spiritual bouquet” and wrote them into his faith journal.

At the end of the month he could offer his Queen of May 1,712 “blossoms” as an expression of his striving to increase his love for her and in this way to become more like her. “Mother, do with me as you will! Only let me love you without measure or end.”

We know that a great ideal can awaken everything in our heart. The Blessed Mother is our educatior. She helps us with our self-education. Therefore we ask ourselves: How can we acquire the disposition of Joseph Engling in our daily life? We ask ourselves: How would I like to spend the month of May? Which virtues should I emphasize: joy, gratitude, kindness, purity of heart?

Creating a month of May atmosphere

To make our striving practical and more alive, we could decorate our little prayer corner or home shrine with flowers, a candle and also a symbol that will remind us of our striving.  In this way, we create a Marian atmosphere in our home that is radiated to the people with whom I live.

For example:

♥   It could be a jar for the capital of grace, and every day I would write on a note at least one joy that I have given to the Blessed Mother and then deposit the note in the jar.

♥   Or, I would like to be a light for my family by being patient and serving without complaining. I could have two little boxes (one empty and one with little wooden splinters or toothpicks). For every good deed I do, I could put a splinter of wood into the empty box.

♥   Or, I sketch a favorite flower, frame it, and color a portion of it every time I do a good deed.

There are many ways possible to express our love for the Mother of God. The most important thing is that each of us has something reminding this is a special month. In this way my heart, my family, and my home will be more like the Blessed Mother and I am helping that the world of today is permeated with the Mary, Mother of God.

Giving Everything

At the end of the month of May I give the Mother of God my daily striving to bring her joy, to love her more, and to become more like her.

Everything I offer is a gift of love to the Blessed Mother. Thus, a wish of our Father and Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, becomes reality:

“May the month of May bring about a great flowering within us;
but also an abundant flowering outwardly!
The atmosphere of the Immaculata, for which we strive so intensely,
needs to grow and unfold more and more!”
(JK, May 1.1931)