April 15, 2021

for everyday life … 16

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“If there is anything that does not make us poor,

it is giving love.”

F. Josef Kentenich


Imagine you are asked by a reporter, “What is love?”
What answer would you spontaneously give?
The word “love” is certainly the most overused word in the world.
Yet, do we know profoundly what love is?
St. Thomas Aquinas gives a beautiful and profound answer: “To love is to want what is good for the other.”
He does not speak of feelings because: loving feelings are unstable.

Whether I really love a person deeply is shown by a firm decision, proven in life:

I love you, even if once in a while I don’t love you! Thus, real, strong love is deeply faithful.

Who are the people do I love with all my heart?

Who are the people it is a challenge for me to love?

Do I believe that God loves me unconditionally, that He wants what is good for me?