March 19, 2021

With a Fatherly Heart

Sr. M. Nilza P. da Silva

“Joseph employed

his legal authority over the Holy Family to devote himself completely to them in his life and work.

He turned his human vocation to domestic love into a superhuman oblation of himself, his heart and all his abilities, a love placed at the service of the Messiah who was growing to maturity in his home.“ [1]

With these words the Holy Father, Pope Francis, defines the greatness of St. Joseph, to whom this year is dedicated and whose feast the Church celebrates today.

St. Joseph’s holiness, so to speak, consisted in saying “yes” to God’s plan and carrying it out in his daily life. His faith and love for God were expressed in concrete service to Jesus and Mary, giving them priority in all his decisions. The Holy Father continues “Joseph knew how to love in an extraordinary freedom. He never made himself the centre of things. He did not think of himself, but focused instead on the lives of Mary and Jesus.“ That is why he is an example for all of us today.” His life is a concrete proof that it is possible to live the Gospel.”

“The world needs Fathers…“

 “Every child is the bearer of a unique mystery that can only be brought to light with the help of a father  who respect’s that child’s freedom.”

With this statement, the Pope confirms the spirituality that God presents to the Church through Father Joseph Kentenich who had a deep love for the Blessed Mother and who also celebrates his name day today.

The covenant of love with Mary awakens and develops the grace of (divine) childhood that we receive in Baptism, awakens courageous daring to live the grace of this childhood in an outstanding, extraordinarily, profound way as a remedy to the crises of the present world,” said Father Kentenich. Just as Jesus experienced the tenderness of God in St. Joseph many people learned to love God as Father through Father Kentenich.

An American family who had very much contact with Father over many years testifies: “Each of us was overwhelmed by his kindness and understanding. Through him we came to know the Heavenly Father.”

Through St. Joseph and through the intercession of Father Joseph Kentenich, may the Blessed Mother educate us to be heroic children who have the courage to show love through concrete deeds, so that we may make the love of God the Father present in the world and thereby help many to be children of God.

[1] Compare. Patris Corde (