March 15, 2021

for everyday life … 15

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“If we give our hearts to the Blessed Mother and the Blessed Mother gives her heart to us, then we can walk through the world with our heads held high, with clear eyes and a courageous step.”

F. Josef Kentenich


“If we give our hearts to the Blessed Mother…?” 

How would we spontaneously finish this sentence? Then what?
Then we give our heart to a woman who carries within herself with a deeply maternal heart.
A mother’s heart is open and ready to receive life.
A mother’s heart is deep and strong.
A mother’s heart is capable of deep happiness and of enduring suffering.
A mother’s heart is faithful.
A mother’s heart knows the power of love and is thus very close to God.
So let us not be afraid to give our heart to the Blessed Mother.

Our heart is in good hands with her.

Is the Blessed Mother a real person for me?    

Do I count on her in the midst of my everyday life?

Do I dare to jump into her heart?