December 15, 2020

for everyday life … 12

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein


“The same sun shines everywhere, and yet, its rays are especially effective in particular places, as in health spas. A similar effect is found with the Blessed Mother. She seeks a nearness to the earth in a truly human and motherly way. She chooses “favorite places” for herself, somewhat like our habit to set aside a particular room in our own homes for the discussion of weighty matters and for celebrations.

In certain places—called places of grace pereminentiam or, on the basis of an influx of visitors, places of pilgrimage, she manifests her power, wisdom and kindness in an exceptional manner through the distribution of original and particular graces.”

Father Joseph Kentenich,
Briefstudie 1952 in Lebensgeheimnis Schoenstatts in Schoenstatt’s Covenant Spirituality, 99


During a conference in Schoenstatt, 50 women wondered whether they all would fit in the Original Shrine. The question was answered when it began to rain. With the help of additional chairs from the choir room and the hallway—all 50 women found a place.

The priest interpreted the situation from the perspective of the Blessed Mother: Every mother is happy when she has her children close to her. In the same way, the Blessed Mother is happy when we are with her in the shrine. She wants to give us gifts here. This is our “good room.” We can be at home here.

Do I believe that the shrine is a place of grace where heaven touches the earth in a special way?

Do I open myself for the graces that are offered to me here?