October 15, 2020

for everyday life … 10

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein


“When we give the Blessed Mother our heart and the Blessed Mother gives us her heart,
then we can go through the world with our head up, with clear eyes and with a courageous step.”

P. Josef Kentenich


It is a matter of the head:

how self-aware I go before others
does not depend upon their opinion,
but rather on the way and manner that I am (in) dependent of them.

I am not that what others think of me,
but rather that what God thinks of me
and how I may see myself in his eyes.

The most famous woman in the world is my mother!

And she is not only famous,
she is the queen of heaven and earth.
I am tremendously important to her!
Her thoughts constantly circle around me
and how things are going with me.
And she lets everything lie and stand still in order to be with me

when I need her.

Do I make my feeling of self-worth dependent upon the
judgment of others?

Do I go through my life with “my head up”, with “clear eyes”
and “courageous steps”

because I belong to the Blessed Mother?