September 15, 2020

for everyday life … 09

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“When we joyfully name and acknowledge our weaknesses and misery, not always gloss over and cover them, but rather remove every mask before God and the Blessed Mother, then we are preparing a throne for the Blessed Mother which pleases her.

Away with the masks! We do not want to gloss over and cover up anything, but rather present ever anew to her our misery, helplessness and fragility and then we know:

that is the greatest means to prompt the Blessed Mother to pour the entire richness of her grace into such a vessel that has become so empty.”

P. Josef Kentenich
August 1950


A mask is always perfect in that it never changes.
A mask also protects us from the reaction of others.
Sometimes we flee and hide ourselves behind such a mask.

We know how we should function toward the outside.
That often does not allow for change.
But that should not remain a constant condition.

We need someone who would be allowed to look mercilessly BEHIND the mask.
How good it is if this person has eyes of love that understand, that
comfort, that heals wounds, that builds up, clarifies,
and shows the path ahead.

When and with whom do I always put on a “mask”?

What do I want most to hide—also before God?

What do I want to entrust to God?