August 15, 2020

for everyday life … 08

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“I must embed my littleness into the greatness of God.
My littleness, my powerlessness will be taken up by the all-powerful God.
My weaknesses will be taken up, supplemented by the greatness and the power of the
almighty, the eternal God.”

Fr. Joseph Kentenich
October Week 1967


“Littleness, powerlessness, weakness” – not exactly our favorite words.
“Success, recognition, influence, acknowledgement” are preferred.

Our nature spontaneously prefers what lifts us up exteriorly.
Our weaknesses, deficiencies, failures, etc. seem to be counter-productive in this regard.

Still how would it be if we could really believe and understand that our littleness is “taken up into” the greatness of God?

In HIM we are great,

HE takes us into his greatness. That is endlessly more than what I could attain through my own strength.

Do I believe that God takes me as real, sees and loves me personally?

Do I believe that my life is inseparably interwoven with him?

Do I believe that he makes me great?