July 15, 2020

for everyday life … 07

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein, Deutschland

“When you are convinced that the Blessed Mother in the shrine holds us in her hands, holds us in motherly hands, from here cares for us, from here educates us, then we are actually never alone.”

Fr. Joseph Kentenich
date unknown


On a greeting card it says:

“The beautiful thing about family is: one is never alone.
The difficult thing about family is: one is never alone.”

Our dear (and most beloved) fellow men often ask a lot of us. Still they take care that we always come out of ourselves, that we remain in practice regarding giving and do not become one of those self-centered individuals always locked within themselves.

In the covenant of love, the Blessed Mother also belongs to our social network. And still more than that. All the threads of my life come together in her. I am lifted up in her kind hands. Thanks be to God!

What helps me to again and again seek contact with the Blessed Mother during the day?

Do I try to “catch my breath” in that I try to give everything over into her hands?