May 31, 2020

The Pentecost Miracle

Sr. Mónica María Quintanilla, Spanien

Come, Holy Spirit!

The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost coincides with the end of May this year. It was a very different and very special month because we lived in the middle of the corona pandemic. Without a doubt, we all experienced our weaknesses and limitations during the lockdown. We may also have fear, insecurity, confusion … and so many other feelings.

Today Mary takes us under her mantel in a special way.

As she did then with the apostles, she takes care of our weakness and implores with us the promised Holy Spirit.

Father Kentenich tells us:
“We are waiting for the Pentecost miracle. If this miracle were granted to us in the same abundance as the apostles received … would we have so much longing? We receive what the apostles received in one fell swoop, year after year.

As we prepare for Pentecost, we should remember that the Pentecost miracle depends on our level of longing and confidence. Do we have any hope that the Pentecost miracle will be much more intense this year than in other years? Yes, because we are closer to the Blessed Mother. (P. Joseph Kentenich, 1930)

Let us open our hearts to this promised Pentecost miracle! We have good reason to hope that the miracle will be much more intense this year than in other years. Let us unite in supplication for the coming of the great Comforter and entrust our lives to him, the people we carry in our hearts and in a special way the present and future of our world in this new beginning.

Send forth your spirit, Lord, and renew the face of the earth!

The face of our society, our homes and our hearts.
On this day, let us thank you for the “Pentecost miracle”!