May 15, 2020

for everyday life … 05

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein, Germany


What matters for us as mothers who do not have much time for religious exercises?

Everything depends on it that we do our daily work with a great love.”



To be there round the clock for others –put back one’s own wishes—appointments here and there—little time for myself –and always the feeling that not everything is done as I would like to have it done.

We share these feelings with many women. If only I would have more time, then … yet it doesn’t seem to absolutely depend on how much time I have for God, for myself, and for all that is necessary, but rather with what inner attitude I do it all.

One deed out of love weighs much more and has much more effect than a thousand deeds done hectically.

Do the many appointments and the need for time hold me in their grasp,

or do I keep my freedom to consciously arrange my time?

Do I seek time to catch my breath,
times in which my love can receive new impetus?