May 10, 2020

100 Years of Women in Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt Movement of Women and Mothers, Germany

Since 1920 women have been actively involved in the Schoenstatt Movement.

A hundred years later we look back on the journey we have taken together: on the steps of development, highlights and the power of action from above experienced in so many places.

At the same time we look forward with courage and expectation:

–  Why does God call us women today?

–  Which of our talents does he want to see activated and used right now?

–  What does he want to achieve and move through us – through each individual and – through us as a community – in the here and now of our history?

A short VIDEO-IMPULSE at the beginning of each month encourages us on our way.

Video-Impulse May 2020


YOU work – Moving more from the inside

Full of hope

Morning light on the horizon
Flower calyxes open
Looking ahead
In me: new hope


“I will give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29, 11-12

“Life is far too precious for us to devalue it by allowing it to pass away empty and hollow, without meaning, without love and ultimately without hope.” Vaclav Havel

“We do not rely on men; we rely on God and on the Blessed Mother whom the great Triune God has given us as the reason for hope.”  Joseph Kentenich

Effective Impulses

Mary, woman of hope,

give me your confidence, strengthen my trust.
God’s work, here and now, help me to see in faith.

Help me to dare daily to follow the paths He leads.
Let me be a messenger of hope, to spread good news