April 8, 2020

Contact ban. Going out prohibited.

Sr. M. Linda Wegerer

Corona crisis! Canceled events:

Overnight “set to zero.”

Or? –

Jesus in the last days of his life:

How did he wear himself out to tell people his good news?
What didn’t he all do!

Crowds gathered around him – and he effortlessly fed thousands.

They cheered him; they gave him a grandiose entrance into the capital.

And then he is with a few in an upper room for the Passover celebration.

In that hour he gives himself.

And redeems his devotion: in captivity, abuse, condemnation and death on the cross.

He lets himself be “set at zero” – out of love.

Many of his closest followers now impose a curfew on themselves.

Some, however, do not refuse contact. They stay with him.

Mary, his mother, does not just stay there: she says yes and participates.

In this way she becomes a contact person for many, for all those
who are called to follow the way of her Son.

In the end there is not death, but

The crowning glory of life – resurrection.