March 18, 2020


Sr. Gretelmaria Wolff

CORONA – a virus

•   is spreading explosively over all countries of the world; every day we hear new news about its spread, about its fight, about precautions and protection measures, recommendations, obligations …

•   Events and meetings of all kinds will be cancelled; schools, day-care centers, and shops will be closed, and social contacts will be limited to what is necessary. A state declares a disaster …

•   Visits to hospitals and nursing homes are strictly regulated …

•   Our churches, even St. Peter’s, are closed on official orders. This has never happened in all centuries. Holy Masses can only – but also, what a blessing – be celebrated via digital media. What will happen for Holy Week and Easter?

•   Unforeseeable consequences for individuals, for groups, for society, for the economy – worldwide – for an unforeseeable time …

CORONA – an “infection” seen with faith

We are confronted with many challenges, questions, uncertainties, and fears. Panic may appear in the background.

Whatever may resonate in these developments, we as believers live in the covenant of love with the Blessed Mother. We go our way by the hand of our father and founder. The question he always asked himself, and which he often suggested to us, arises involuntarily for us.

•   What does God want to tell us with this development?

•   What does he want to draw our attention to?

•   What doors does he want to open for us when some others are suddenly closing?

In view of the present emergency situation of many people, let us not let ourselves be held back or discouraged. Instead, let us strengthen our trust in the wise and loving guidance of God the Father, who can form wonderful works of art precisely from what on the outside looks like broken pieces.

May our father and founder “infect” us anew with HIS faith-filled conviction:

♥   “God is good. He is goodness and love itself. He is more concerned about my well-being than I am. His plans, which regulate my life, are pronounced plans of love. Therefore I don’t need to change them in my favor but just adapt to them.” J.K.

♥   “One of the most important reasons not to be afraid is because we should also give the good Lord a chance to do something.” J.K.

♥   “Life can play with us ever so hard, we might have to fight ever so many battles, but we are not afraid. The Blessed Mother holds her hands over us and takes care of us in all situations.” J. K.

Father Kentenich prayed with confidence in the midst of great danger in the concentration camp of Dachau:

“Mother, take us caringly beneath your mantle,
that we may always live as citizens of heaven.
Preserve us from hunger, epidemics, and fire;
preserve us who turn to you in time of dire need.” J. K

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