February 15, 2020

for everyday life … 02

Sr. M. Renata Zürrlein

“If I love my children, it does not show through statements and testimonies of love.

Certainly, they may also be there but they are long not a proof of genuine love.

Paul tells us, ‘Love is long-suffering, kind, patient’, etc.

These are all things of sober, everyday life. We must also see them soberly.”

September 4-8, 1950


In Communications Seminars one learns: “The body language betrays more about the feelings and thoughts of a person than words can do it.  Facial expressions and gestures are honest.”

The same is also true about our actions. The words, “I love you and will do good for you” are really not the whole truth. It depends on if I actually do the good and realize it. So must it be exactly with those people who are next to me, proving to them again and again in concrete deeds and gestures what my words have said.

Where do I make too many words followed by too few deeds?

What am I ready to invest and give of myself so that those entrust to me feel how much I love them?