December 7, 2019

Climb higher!

Sister M. Márcia Carmo Silva

“I was born to higher things, to one day become an Immaculata Child.”

“For nothing is impossible for God.” (Luke 1:37). These words determine the history of the Virgin of Nazareth, who went through the world without the stain of original sin because of the merits of her being the Mother of God.

Mary belongs entirely to God. Her heart is immersed in the “power of the Most High” which overshadows her.  Our founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, says: “It is a great happiness to have the great reassurance for the human heart that there is at least one purely human being who, in the present world order, is completely pure and untouched, who has walked over this earth in perfect integrity: Our Lady!”

She is a model for us!

 The solemnity of the Immaculate Conception shows us the new woman who, filled with divine grace, becomes the living monstrance of Christ. She is the model for all who try to live in freedom in the presence of God. In order to follow Mary’s example, we must strive for consistency between our attitudes and the faith we confess. That is why we ask ourselves:

What do the eyes that are consecrated to God see? What do the ears that belong to God hear? Are my attitudes gold for the monstrance of my heart that receives Jesus in the Eucharist, or do they make the glory of this gold fade? Father Joseph Kentenich teaches: “Whoever wants to realize the Immaculata traits of his/her image of Mary must live constantly in the presence of God”.

 We want to pray with Father Kentenich:

The splendor of the Immaculate Conception urges us to live a pure life in the midst of the dirt of the world.  With Father Joseph Kentenich we pray:
“Let me become a small Immaculata!  Make me free not only from sin and disorderly movements of desire, but – as far as this is possible here on earth – from disorderly desire itself!

“Immaculata, protect your child! You are so completely without the stain of original sin! Purer than the freshly fallen snow, purer than the whitest dress! You should awaken in me the deep longing for the Immaculata spirit and let it flare up into a “holy flame”!