November 30, 2019

The Woman of a New Beginning

Sr. M. Adele Gertsen

For Advent

“The way in which God came into the world is also the way in which man comes to God. This way is called Mary.” (J. Kentenich)

In the darkness of the first Advent, Mary gave God an unconditional YES. She is the woman of the new beginning. She is the sign of hope in all the storms and uncertainties of our time. She was once allowed to hear the words: “Nothing is impossible for God.” Where Mary appears on the scene, the atmosphere of resignation and pessimism changes into a climate of hope for God’s unlimited possibilities.

In Schoenstatt we make a covenant of love, a covenant of love with her. We can always be sure of her love for us. She is our Mother. Christ, the Lord, gave her to us from the cross as his legacy. Her motherly love is for everyone. She follows everyone and cares for everything, above all for our eternal salvation.

A proverb says:

“Every human need calls for the Mother.”

 Let us also call for the Mother in our personal needs and in the needs of the Church today. Already the disciples of Jesus gathered behind closed doors around this mother when they were helpless and frightened after his ascension. United with Mary the miracle occurred: the coming of the Holy Spirit who made them courageous witnesses for Christ and led the Church safely into a bright future. This joyful confidence may also fill us.

Let us invite the Blessed Mother Mary to walk with us through Advent. She brings us closer to Christ and to the Triune God. She can help us to say our yes to the will of God for our concrete life according to her example. Thus Advent takes place in us. In this way we open our hearts to the light of the new birth of Christ, our Redeemer, within us. This is our greatest Christmas gift.