May 14, 2024

A Great Apostolate for First Communion Children

Sr. M. Isabell Lustig, Dietershausen

“The Rosary is

a wonderful “stopper”


In the Schoenstatt Center in the Diocese of Fulda, this was a creative afternoon: seventeen children who are making their First Communion this year and one accompanying adult each came together in the shrine and in the Josef Engling House to learn how to pray the Rosary and to make one.

Things began at 3:00 in the afternoon at the Schoenstatt Shrine. Sister M. Isabell explained:

“With the Rosary you have the entire faith

in your hand!”

And: “The Rosary is a wonderful ‘stopper’ so that we don’t ‘spin in the hamster wheel’ in everyday life, but rather experience:  Stop, I am not alone! The Blessed Mother is with me and will help me!”

The children and adults listen with interest and are motivated because they want to make a Rosary and [if you make one] you have to know why. Then the Rosaries are made under the guidance and assistance of Sister Karin-Maria, Sister M. Annbrigitt, Sister M. Beatrice and a volunteer woman from town.

Full of pride, everyone then heads to the cafeteria for coffee, juice and cake as a reward. There is usually enough time for the children to play outside while the adults drink their coffee in peace.

Then comes the high point: Before the Blessed Sacrament in the Schoenstatt Shrine, we pray part of the Rosary together. The children and adults usually think beforehand: “Whom shall we pray for today?”

Often the intention for peace is central

and so we pray: “Jesus, grant peace [in the world]!” Everyone prays the second part of the Hail Mary together. It is always impressive how the children really become quiet and a very prayerful atmosphere is created. Everyone is “dismissed” with the suggestion to pray the Rosary at home in the living room as a family.

Most of the children and adults thank us sincerely for this important, beautiful afternoon. And to help them pray the Rosary later, everyone receives a small booklet with explanations and prayers for the “Rosary for Children.”

Adults in particular are often very grateful that they have been given a completely new approach to praying the Rosary.

On nine different days this year, a total of more than 140 children, usually with a parent, grandparent, or godparent, have made their own Rosary with us.