March 9, 2024

A thank you letter from Poland …

Gregor for a course of the Family Federation in Poland

… after the investiture ceremony

on January 27, 2024


Dear organizers of the investiture ceremony

of nine new sisters!

We are very happy as a family federation course and as individual members for Sr. M. Malgorzata Andrzejkowicz and all of the other eight sisters. We continue to pray for strength and God’s protection for the young, very international course of sisters who have found their calling in Schoenstatt.

As representatives of the “Nest of Trust” course, we had the opportunity to take part in this special “Triduum” of the investiture ceremony. We thank you for translating the events for us. This made us feel like an international family. A wonderful addition were the texts in each of our native languages. These texts were available online for us and those who stayed at home to relive and use at their meetings.

We had wonderful “retreats” from Friday to Sunday

There was a wonderful atmosphere in the church – it’s a shame that our language is so imperfect, but our goal was to be there for Malgorzata, her parents, family, and friends.

On the Friday evening before the investiture there was a special time of worship and meeting with the international Schoenstatt family.

Saturday was a time full of emotions and beautiful experiences – from the entry of the sisters in white dresses to the texts of the readings, to the richness of the content of the Gospel and the sermon by Dr. Biberger:

“Mary, let us be conformed to your image.”

This motto was the link that united us with the novices and the whole church. The moment when the sisters left in their wedding dresses until they returned in their sisters’ uniform dresses was very rich and contemplative. Thanks to the meditation, prayers, and chanting (and their translation), we didn’t feel time passing. For us Poles, the presence of Father Przemysław at the altar was a great joy. The seating in the different rows also conveyed a feeling of calm and good organization.

The invitation to the festive meal for all guests was happily accepted.

The meeting in the Father Kentenich House was another time of experiences after we had seen and greeted our sisters and their families. This was followed by performances in different languages, thanks to the parents, and finally the meeting with our Sister M. Malgorzata. The welcome and meeting with the newly invested sister – with the sensitive support of Sisters M. Elwira and M. Lidia – will remain unforgettable for many.

The Sunday morning mass in the Adoration Church, with Sister Lidia as translator, was a farewell ceremony for our course delegation. Sister M. Malgorzata attended the Mass with her parents, who were able to enjoy the meeting with their daughter until Tuesday.

The Holy Mass captivated us and the sermon by Dr. Biberger will certainly continue to sound.

We would also like to thank Sr. Virginia, who has supported us at times in the international community.

Gregor with the course community


a video to relive here

And a report from the youth:

Pilgrimage from Poland to Schoenstatt 

The main reason for our pilgrimage to Schoenstatt was the investiture ceremony of Gosia, one of nine novices of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. Gosia is connected to many in our group because she grew up with us in the Schoenstatt Youth Community (SGYW). Therefore, we overcame the obstacles in order to participate in such an important event for Gosia. Another, no less important reason for our pilgrimage was to spend a few days at the founding site of the Schoenstatt Movement, which is a space for all of us to grow, a place. where we have found home, a place where we find community…

Report here as PDF in German

Report here as PDF in polish