October 1, 2023

An Anniversary I Quietly Celebrated

Sister M. Linda Wegerer

Because You Love Me: Yes!


This summer I quietly celebrated an anniversary by myself!

Thirty years ago I began working with the Schoenstatt League for Women. It was and still is a special experience for me to work in a community whose members – without being integrated into a closer community – live their lives as single women from the fundamental strength of the covenant of love with the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt.

The depth of their surrender to God and the breadth of apostolic activity these women have accomplished impresses me ever anew. I know that I receive at least as much inspiration from them as I give to them. Especially regarding the women who, through the so-called “consecration of life,” have chosen the state of virginity intentionally and forever. The motto for this year is

Because you love me: Yes!

We want to become aware of God’s love again and again and answer with our yes to him–and not “on cloud nine,” but in the nitty gritty of everyday life.

In one of their newsletters we read:

“Our everyday life demands much of us. But we are happy in the conviction that God is always near us with his love and we are important to him. What becomes of Schoenstatt, the Church, and the world, depends on our contributions to the capital of grace. We are small, unpretentious, and no one sees or hears how God governs the world from the throne of our hearts. He relies on us and on the strength of our love and sacrifice, on our response of love … With the Blessed Mother and like the Blessed Mother we give our response of love:

 Because you love me: Yes!

One league member felt inspired by the year’s motto to bring her everyday life into a prayer:

Because you love me,
I want to begin each day with renewed courage,
especially when I have pain and have not slept well. Yes!

Because you love me,
I want to greet the nurse from social services who comes everyday in a friendly manner.
She can’t help it if I’m not feeling well. Yes!

Because you love me,
I want to accept joyfully and without complaint the meal that isn’t always hot.
The one serving has only two legs and cannot be everywhere at the same time. Yes!

Because you love me,
I don’t want to cry over my car; I want to go to physical therapy with my “Ferrari” (rollator).
Often I also lack “get up and go!” Yes!

Because you love me,
I want to turn off the television more often
And speak to Jesus instead. Yes!

Because you love me,
I want to answer unwanted phone calls in a friendly manner
even if it is difficult for me! Yes!

 Because you love me,
I want to view a televised Holy Mass devoutly when I have no other opportunity to attend Mass. You know that is very hard for me. Yes!

The words of this prayer inspired me to look at my day in a similar way and to discover the many signs of God’s love. He is waiting for my yes!

So I am simply grateful for the companionship I have received in and with the Women’s League over these 30 years and for what I have been given through it.