June 28, 2023

Covenant renewal in the Original Shrine for the first time

Sr. M. Deanne Niehaus

Renewed Fire and Passion

for the Covenant of Love


“Please carry a national banner. Would you kindly help carry the jar! Who is going to help throw the capital of grace papers into the fire?” Sixteen pilgrims from the USA engaged in the covenant renewal at the Original Shrine on the evening of Sunday, June 18, 2023 as part of their two-week pilgrimage to Schoenstatt, Germany. Some of the pilgrims had only visited the Original Shrine via webcam but now they could be the ones at the place of Schoenstatt’s origin representing all who have made their covenant of love.

Ellen Stock from Florida shares:

“The Mass and renewal {of the covenant of love] was a powerful experience which united all of us. The priests, sisters, and pilgrims were from all over the world. Schoenstatt truly represents the universality of the Catholic Church. We are united in our love of the Church and in our covenant of love. Celebrating our renewal with an altar [in the Original Shrine] used by Father Kentenich also united us with our Founder. Processing together to the Original Shrine was unforgettable.”

The pilgrims joined the 7:30 pm covenant renewal Holy Mass in the Pilgrim Church. Sr. M. Rita Baysari from the English Office translated from German into English the Mass parts, sermon, renewal, and even the words of the songs. With enthusiasm the pilgrims carried flags in the procession to the Original Shrine. Some of the pilgrims could even be in the shrine for the renewal of the covenant as they listened to the translation.

The burning of the capital of grace was the highlight! The pilgrims had brought intentions along from the USA which were added to the fire. One man helped carry the heavy jar of capital of grace from the Old House and others helped throw the capital of grace sheets into the fire.

Ginny Metzcar from Ohio shares:

The covenant renewal was important for me, because I was with my Schoenstatt family from other countries and [also from the United States]. [This celebration] also renewed the fire and passion I felt after my first covenant of love and like so many others, I have renewed [inner] peace.

Annie Gonzales from Texas also shared:

“In attending the renewal we experienced a family in the ‘co-Schoenstatters’ we met from different parts of the world and felt a bond with them even if we spoke different languages. We spoke the covenant of love language. We have a Mother and Father in our covenant of love that we, in a grace filled way, are drawn into the original October 18, 1914 [covenant]. In this way we are a family of God. We are the members of the mystical Body of Christ and this we experienced in a concrete way on June 18th.

May God’s blessing come upon all those
who have consecrated themselves entirely to Schoenstatt
and bring them happiness and salvation here and in eternity. Amen.
(Kentenich, Heavenwards)