June 15, 2023

At Second Glance – 04

Sister M. Anrika Dold; Susanna Denkinger
Illustration: Sister Francine-Marie Cooper

            Let us see every created thing as a great,

illustrated book of God,

as a book with readings about him. J. Kentenich 


During the “Night of the Shrine” there was a magic show on stage. The magic tricks involved normal everyday things, such as opening an umbrella. The effect: Something obvious appeared special and looked like “magic.”

The obvious in a special way: This can be applied to our everyday dealings with others. Like somebody suddenly holding an umbrella over my head when it begins to rain.

John Luis Pozzobon, the father of a family in Brazil, who initiated the Apostolate of the Pilgrim MTA said,
 For years I would be gone in the evening [doing the Apostolate of the Pilgrim MTA] and my wife would wait for me. When I returned late and tired, she would bring me a cup of coffee. In gratitude, I brought her a cup of coffee each morning while she was still in bed.”

We simply need to be more attentive to what is going on around us and to notice what would be good for others.

Or, in our everyday life, we shouldn’t miss what is special in what seems very ordinary.

– This is not so easy, because often what is special is unobtrusive and hidden. [To see what is special] is an exercise that costs us strength and time. But it is worth it!



I can learn from you, Blessed Mother, not to overlook others, to simply see “more” in them.



I will consciously think a good thought about someone and keep this thought in mind throughout the day.