June 3, 2023

“Accept My Yes!” – 02

The Candidates of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
Schönstatt, Germany










I am Verónica Rina

I am from Girona, a city in the north east of Spain. I am a candidate of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. Two things helped me discover my vocation. On the one hand, deepening my relationship with God, knowing that HE created me, and he placed my vocation in me. Only in HIM could I find my vocation. And on the other hand: What is my way of giving others love?

The question of whether I had a vocation became stronger in me when I was 18 years old. This is the first time that I asked myself what a vocation really is. For me, it is the path planned by God for me to become holy. Therefore, this is a question not only for me, but for God and me. Therefore, I had to ask him:

What is your plan for me?

I was certain that I could not find this way without the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I prayed every day to the Holy Spirit to accompany and inspire me. In this way, I wanted to show God that I was open for his plan.

How did I proceed with both things?

Step by step

  1. Looking back at the first point, I attended Holy Mass daily, and I asked myself: What would you like to tell me today, God? For example, during readings, through the words of the priest, and most of all, in conversation with Jesus at Holy Communion.
  2.  Additionally, I connected my journal with God. I offered him my studies, prayers before meals, and I spoke to God us much as possible, etc.
  3.  Through prayer. Primarily, it is through prayer that we discover what God has planned for us. Therefore, I had to reserve time for prayer during the day. Otherwise, that would have been impossible in my busy life.

To answer the question of my second point, I had to get to know myself better. How can I hope to know my vocation without knowing who I am? For that reason, I thought: I have to discover my–in Schoenstatt, so called–personal ideal, especially my mission in the world for which God created me. For this, I first took part in a personality workshop where I learned my personality.

These two points helped me discover that I am called to consecrated life.

But why the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary?

I grew up in Schoenstatt. But that is not the reason. Actually, there is not just one reason. But to name them all would take too long. The essential question was: Is Schoenstatt my life? My clear answer was: I cannot live without Schoenstatt. I cannot imagine my spiritual growth without the spirituality of Schoenstatt, and I would like to get to know and live Schoenstatt better. I want to know Schoenstatt better and to live it in order to bring more people to Schoenstatt, because I like Schoenstatt, and I think it can help the people of today.

To conclude: The most important thing on this journey is to

remain open and to do something

— don’t stay on the sofa waiting for God to call, but pray and show God through your life that you long for the highest. Then, whether it is consecrated life or marriage, our life is for the Lord.

The path of finding ones vocation is very beautiful

because God meets you and shows you

what his love has foreseen for you.