May 29, 2023

“Accept My Yes!” – 01

The Candidates of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
Schoenstatt, Germany



Dear …!

Perhaps you are searching for an answer to the question: What should I do with my life? What does God want me to do? Could it be that God is calling me by name to give myself to him? If so, then how and where?

I am now a candidate of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, but not long ago I asked myself the same questions.

My name is Małgorzata. I am from Poland and I am 25 years old. The first time that I thought this might be God’s chosen way for me was in 2011. I was fourteen years old at the time. I didn’t know if what was moving me interiorly was really the voice of God, of a vocation, or only my own idea and imagination…

This was a difficult time during which I longed for something that I couldn’t describe, that was hard to grasp, to name, to identify. It took a very long time, until during my final year at the university I said to myself: You have to make a decision. You have to move forward.

 During this time I became aware of an event that was called: Accept my life. It was a course given by Jesuits and Sisters of the Sacred Heart. For me, this was a concrete opportunity to learn what God wanted …

While searching for God’s will, it was important for me to have clear that each path is good and beautiful and is a way of love. The answer to the question: Who am I in the eyes of God? was: He wants me to be like him. Therefore, I need to get to know him! And so began my adventure with God, deeper than previously. During this time, I became aware that God’s name is I AM not I WILL BE, or I COULD BE IF … He made himself known to me as the one, as HE IS. This was a great help for me in my decision making. With the awareness that every decision includes renunciation and a risk one can accept it as a way of love and fulfillment.  On the journey to recognizing my vocation, someone said to me that three steps are important:

  1. To recognize God’s will;
  2. To accept and acknowledge God’s will;
  3. To respond to God’s will.

The last step is the most difficult. But when I knew that my yes is just a little response of love to a great invitation to love then I could say yes. Then God showed me through the peace in my heart which community was right for me and that this is where I belong. Then I could speak my yes to all of the difficulties and unexpected things [that are part of it] because I knew God has a plan. He love me so much and his name is I AM WHO AM!

I wish you courage to begin the adventure with God and an open heart to say yes with joy to his plan of love. I pray for you and send you loving greetings from Schoenstatt.