April 11, 2023

A Meeting with the Bishops of the Diocese Quilmes, Argentina

Sister Rosa Maria Lamberti

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, we Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary had the joy of greeting our

Bishops in the Diocese of Quilmes in New-Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela, Argentina:


Bishop Carlos Tissera,
Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Redondo, whose episcopal ordination was on February 17, 2023, and
 Bishop Emeritus Juan Carlos Romanin of Rio Gallegos, who currently is responsible for consecrated life in the diocese.

Holy Mass in front of the shrine

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. with the celebration of Holy Mass in front of the shrine. There were about 40 Schoenstatt Sisters of  Mary present. Sister Cecilia Maria, the provincial superior, cordially  greeted the participants in a family like atmosphere of simplicity.

After Holy Mass, photos were taken in front of the shrine. A presentation followed in which stories depicted some of our spheres of work as a community, especially within the diocese.

Our apostolate in the diocese and beyond

Sr. Maria Sol told about our ministry in New Schoenstatt–the Schoenstatt Center with the shrine that was blessed by Father Kentenich in 1952.

Sr. Maria Julia opened up to us the treasure of the Father House – the house of encounter with Father Kentenich. In its relation to the history of New Schoenstatt, she gave the floor to

Sr. M. Antonia, who described briefly her experiences connected with the construction of the shrine.

Sr. M. Evangelina told about her apostolic work in the vicinity of the shrine and in the nearby poverty-stricken district of “El Pozo.”

Sr. M. Edna enthused all of us with her apostolic zeal and the commitment to prayer possessed by our elderly sisters in our home for them.

Sr. María Paz gave a presentation on “Nazareth,” a center from where we work for the dignity of women and families. In conclusion,

Sr. Juana María spoke about her work with the Schoenstattt Movement in the entire country.

After the presentations, the bishops spoke to us.

Bishop Tissera told us that when he was the pastor of a parish in Río Cuarto—located in the central region of Argentina–he witnessed the life that Schoenstatt awakened throughout the country—especially through the Apostolate of the Pilgrim MTA. He emphasized that people want to learn about the Schoenstatt Shrine in Florencio Varela.

Bishop Redondo related that his mother took him to a Schoenstatt Shrine as a child, and he was touched by the gaze of the Blessed Mother in the Shrine. He thanked us for bringing her gaze to life through our apostolate and for all the work we do in the background.

Bishop Romanin expressed his joy that he could collaborate with Sister M. Isabel in providing pastoral care to migrants, and he thanked us because through our different spheres of work we serve these vulnerable people of society who had to leave their country.

Praying together in the shrine

After these words, Sister Cecilia Maria invited all of us to visit the shrine and pray there. Sister Maria Sol explained the motto “From the Cross to the Light,” which guided us in our pastoral work in New Schoenstatt during Lent. In this spirit she invited us to write, as the pilgrims do, on a little slip of paper what our crosses are and then to pin the papers to the cross next to the stand holding the sanctuary light. She explained that during the Easter Vigil the slips of paper with the  crosses will be burned as a symbol of the light of Christ’s resurrection in each of these instances of suffering. Thus, each one of us—also the Bishops—wrote our crosses on a slip of paper and then we went in procession to the cross. A simple and deeply reflective atmosphere reigned.

Dinner and singing together

By this time it was already 8:00 p.m., time to eat dinner. Everything was well prepared. There were trays of sandwiches on tables where we could sit and continue exchanging ideas.

After dinner, everyone gathered spontaneously in a little circle, and Bishop Tissera took his guitar and played a folk song that was dedicated to his home in Cordoba. Then Sister M. Ilda continued the round of songs that took us through different parts of our homeland, including Paraguay, and culminated with the greeting “Hail Mary” in honor of our country of origin – Schoenstatt, Gerrmany.

Around 9:30 p.m. it was time to end the evening. Each one of the bishops received a little package with gifts: bread, sweets, and rosaries to give others.

Thus ended our joyful family gathering with the shepherds of our diocese during which much joy was shared by all of us who were a part of it.