December 19, 2022

As A Deer …

Sister M. Monika März

In our city at the entrance

a detailed, classic alpine hut was built to the large shopping center and in front of it is a landscape with two animals. One of the animals is a deer. The deer doesn’t simply stand there. It moves its head to the right and to the left and up and down. You can touch the deer and stroke it and even hug it. The children enjoy this very much.

But the deer as a symbol for Advent and Christmas? At first I felt that this was “too worldly.” But now! Our founder sees the deer quite differently. In addition to the sheep, the deer in particular fits into this scene and into Advent. Why?

Father Kentenich said:

“What must we imagine? [We must imagine that] it is a burning hot day, everything is languishing, but languishing also, a young deer. It searches and searches for water; it longs for a drink of water! As the deer longs for stream water – this thirsty longing, almost dying of thirst – so my soul longs for you, O Lord (Ps.42, 2).

We can hardly expect that longing to this degree is alive in us. But we hope that this longing is awakened anew in us approximately to this degree.

Let us sing and allow the longing for the eternal, for the divine, for redemption to resound in our soul: O come, O come, Emmanuel! Ransom your poor captive Israel!   (Aus dem Glauben leben, Vol. 4, p. 117/116)

What matters is our longing

  • It is good that we would like to use the final days of Advent for recollection and meditation even if they are not like that.
  •  It is good that we do small acts of love, that we symbolically collect straws for the Child Jesus.
  • It is good that we pave the ways, open doors and gates for the One who is to come.

Yes, it is our longing that matters

The first Christmas came about through the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, because she was the woman of longing.

Without ulterior motives or intrigue, with a pure heart, she longed for salvation; a great longing burned within her – like that of the deer for water.

  • How is it with me?
  • Do I have longing?
  • Do I “only” long for health, for safety, for security?
  • What longing burns in me?

We should awaken in ourselves the longing for God, the longing to experience him very closely and to know ourselves guided by him; we should awaken this longing in ourselves, above all, because through it we “profit” the most for our life, because it gives us an unsurpassable security and fulfillment.