November 26, 2022

La Nazarena 2022

Sister Maria del Carmen Sörös
Florencio Varela, Argentina


A Center for General Development

Nazareth is a center for general development. It was founded in 2018 by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary to better meet the educational, health, and employment needs of families in Florencio Varela/Province of Buenos Aires.   We are currently working with more than 40 families and about 300 children and youth who live in precarious situations and lack access to basic services and education.


For students in elementary and secondary schools, we offer tutoring in all subjects, such as physics, chemistry, literature and mathematics, as well as sports, horticultural workshops and spiritual formation. In addition, secondary and elementary classes are available for adults, as are university scholarships.


In the area of religion we collaborate with some women in the Schoenstatt Apostolate of the Pilgrim MTA to help women and mothers in a spiritual way. We give also preparatory courses for the reception of Baptism and First Communion as well as religious education classes for all children and youth.


In six different rooms we teach about 400 children how to play various instruments, like the guitar, piano, violin, and cello. Every year music events take place so the children can demonstrate what they learned.


In the area of health, nutritional counseling and medical care by volunteer doctors are provided. We regularly carry out vaccinations and provide important medicines. There are also fortnightly meetings on psychology and neurology.

Career training

In the field of employment we offer a course on handwork so that the people can be self-employed or can enter the job market. There are currently 14 courses with more than 350 students.  The courses are baking, cake decorating, cookie making, hair styling, manicure, and introduction to computers.

Further information

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