September 26, 2022

The General Chapter of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary has elected the General Council

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

The 7th General Chapter of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary,

which has been in session at the Motherhouse on Mount Schoenstatt since September 8, 2022,

has held more elections. 

Sr. M. Joanna Buckley, General Superior of the community, announces that the six Council Sisters of the General Government were elected last week. The new General Government takes office with immediate effect.

Elected were:

Sister Andra-Maria Lingscheid, Germany (General Assistant).

Sister M. Lisianne Braunbeck, Germany (General Course Mother)

Sister M. Lidia Czerwonka, Poland

Sister Lioba Ruprecht, Germany

Sister M. Ana Teresa Nales Rückauer, Spain

Sister M. Lorena Segura Esquivel, Mexico

From left to right: Sr. M. Ana Teresa, Sr. M. Lorena, Sr. Andra-Maria, Fr. Bernd Biberger (General Direktor), Sr. M. Joanna (General Superior), Sr. M. Lioba, Sr. M. Lisianne, Sr. M. Lidia.

We continue to trust in the prayer of the Schoenstatt Family,
hich we have been able to feel so clearly up to now, and we give thanks for the support.