March 24, 2022

Homepage for Emilie Engel

Schw. Theres-Marie Mayer

Inspiring by her life  –  with us on the way  –  interceding for us with God


Under this guiding idea, a

Homepage for Emilie Engel

who would like to help form and shape our life has been created. The Homepage presents a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary whose life, despite adverse preconditions, was successful. In Schoenstatt, with the help of its founder Father Joseph Kentenich, Emilie Engel found a way to change her fear of God into a trusting relationship to the Heavenly Father, that compelled her say:

“God is Father, God is good, everything He does is good.”

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The founder of Schoenstatt posed the question:

Perhaps Sister Emilie has a special mission in heaven for present-day human-kind that is driven to and fro by anxiety. Perhaps it was in God’s plan that she had to expeieince the same difficulties to prepare her for the mission. Perhaps he wanted to awaken her compassion through the many similar experiences and show ways leading out of the great distress of the time through her example. –While I am writing these words, I feel as if the deceased sister were calling from eternty: All you, who are suffering from exaggerated fear, come to me into the expresss train of childlikeness. I welcome you to my compartment that bears the inscription Providentia and whose slogan is Ita Pater – Ita Mater!’“ [1]

But that is only one aspect of her life. Likewise, it can be said of her that she lived in an exemplary way that which Schoenstatt as a spiritual movement has as a goal: the new person in the new community. Emilie Engel exemplified in her life that holiness is not performance, achievement, but childlike surrender to the will of God according to the example of the Savior.

Her source of strength was the covenant of love with the Three Times Admirable Mother of Schoenstatt, the capital of grace in Schoenstatt, and attachment to the founder.

The basic experience that slowly grew in her was:

God sees me, God loves me, God needs me.

This experience of her life provided her with inner strength and security. Exteriorly, her life is not particularly exciting. Nevertheless, she had to struggle to find her path in life and the the goal of her life. This brings her close to us and makes her more likeable.  Countless people see Emlie Engel as a faithful companion who intercedes for them before God.

Father Kentenich advised someone:

Sister Emilie died with the reputation of holiness. We have reason to assume that she has great influence at the throne of God. Do you not want to give her the responsibility for the God-pleasing solution of your question—similaly as I do it?[2]

Emilie Engel’s faith in divine providence motivates people to places their trust totally in God precisely when they meet their own limits. Born 1893, died 1955, it can be said of her: She is not dead, she is very alive and active for people who turn to her.

Answers to prayers to her bear witness to this. Pope Benedict XVI has awarded Emilie Engel the heroic degree of virtues.

[1] Margareta Wolff, My Yes Remains, p. 221
[1] Margareta Wolff, My Yes Remains, p. 222