September 27, 2021

Nature in view

Sister M. Anne-Meike Brück

The Park of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Trier –

a Paradise for both Human Beings and Animals


Visitors discovered long ago that squirrels have found a permanent and paradisiacal abode in

Caspary Park in Trier-Heiligkreuz.

Fast as lightning they move from branch to branch, climb up and down the trees, and cross the park in great leaps. The feeder attached to the more-than-170-year-old cedar tree is the only place where the squirrels calmly let themselves be watched.

Carl Jung from Koblenz-Lay has dedicated himself to the construction of feeding and nesting boxes, bee and insect hotels, and bird and hedgehog houses. He takes care of setting up small workshops at daycare centers, schools, and public spaces, and knows how to build, install, and care for the boxes. With his wide network he supports the initiative of the sisters in Trier to turn the oasis of ancient trees also into an animal paradise. He knows too well that when insects die out, birds and bats lack food. His tireless efforts are impressive. His energetic help makes it possible for parks and gardens, balconies and small raised beds to be transformed into “lighthouse projects” for the protection of nature and species – for the benefit of humanity.

The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary have been on the lookout for such support. Sister M. Anne-Meike Brück and her co-worker Tanja Stephany, who always keep a loving and sometimes anxious eye on the park grounds in Trier, are grateful. “Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical Laudato Si’, with its unsparing analysis and urgent appeal, has fallen on fertile ground with us. We are doing what we can,” says the committed sister, visibly pleased. “Many visitors find their way to our park. They take notice of our species protection measures.” A specially designed sign will soon provide more information and encourage people to always be mindful in the use of nature’s resources.

This is entirely in the spirit of Father Kentenich. Already at the beginning of the last century, he drew attention to the fact that beautiful nature can form people and open their souls to God. It is not for nothing that the property of the sisters, which is always open to visitors during the day, is located in Trier-Heiligkreuz, protected by a partially old wall, but still accessible. Towards Reckingstraße, two artists worked for weeks last year on a magnificent depiction of nature and animals. It’s worth seeing and marveling at what has been created.

A trip to this small park is worthwhile. There is always something to discover.

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