March 8, 2021

“Do You Sense the Good God”
(Father Joseph Kentenich)

Sister M. Hiltraude Burkard

With the Pilgrim Shrine

the Blessed Mother opened a door of the St. Joseph’s Home for Seniors in Pförring, Germany. There, a beautiful journey of togetherness and deep spiritual experiences has begun.

When I asked what was expected of me during my weekly visit there, the director specifically answered: “We need you to be a spiritual ‘building block’.”

So together with Mother Mary, through inspirational images and words spoken or sung, I strive, for and with the residents, to awaken in a group of them who meet voluntarily the sense of God’s presence and work in their concrete life—. Very soon, the common “search for a sign” played a role in discovering God’s work in everyday life. It didn’t take long until we were recording some of it on a so-called scroll. In the meantime, this scroll has become an integral part of every meeting. There can be read, for example, an original interpretation of the 5th Station of the Cross: “Simon of Cyrene Helps. When the Siren is on duty with us, everyone comes to help.” – –


Or a life path is made with concrete objects and pictures, enriched with memories and stories of the respective history. The residents especially like it when their personal experiences are merged with it.

The way to Bethlehem

The liturgical year, especially the Marien feastdays naturally offer abundant opportunities for visible inspirations and ideas. During Advent we pictured Mary and Joseph on the way to Bethlehem and searched for parallels in our life’s path.

One Advent candle after another symbolized the respective week that led us closer to the feast of Christ’s birth, to Christmas. This initiative brings much joy in the retirement home.

The residents could hardly wait any longer until the strict lockdown ended and their Schoenstatt Sister of Mary could return to them.


Fotos: Claudia Bauch and Sr. M. Hiltraude Burkard